Any plan for releasing a windows version?

really an excellent software

It runs on Windows 11 with WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android). However, you need to sideload and - for the moment - there is no background synchronization. Network only works while the app is with active UI.

apparently, would be better if a pure windows version is released.

the simulation by any subsystem is just a toy. not good for official normal use at all.

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A native Windows version would be awesome

K-9 JUST merged with Thunderbird, so I doubt they’ll make another windows version now.

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that will be great. but should not be cloning thunderbird, whose market is almost gone.
for so many years, mozilla has destroyed firefox and thunderbrid

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I don’t think there is a question of “cloning” Thunderbird, especially as there has never been a mobile version of Thunderbird.

Given how deeply the Android API is baked into this app, and how many email clients are available for Windows already, and that the app is geared towards mobile devices, I’m surprised that the question of a Windows port is even raised.

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If I remember correctly Windows 11 plans to support Android apps directly - this might be worth a try?

As mentioned here: Any plan for releasing a windows version? - #2 by tchara

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Oh… I didn’t scroll back in history far enough - yes, you already mentioned it :+1: