Another UI redesign noboby asked for full of disimprovements

Guys, another infuriating UI redesign is really the last thing I needed now. First Firefox, now K-9. Hasn’t Covid been bad enough? Or is this some twisted joke about launching a buggy UI in the pandemic era?
Nobody ever seems to ask the users what they want, decisions like that apparently are taken in some smoky back room by a small group of people who just love doing UI. The people who actually use the damn thing want two things in the main - stability and usability. We don’t give a FIG if it looks ‘fresh’ or ‘engaging’ or ‘[insert buzzword of the day]’. If I wanted that kind of crap, I’d use Outlook. Someone higher up the feeding chain needs to start looking at whether a new [insert thing] is actually want people want and checking just how many users you’ll cheese off by removing feature X in favour of some flashy but pointless new thing.


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” A good rule to live by.

Think where we’d be now if Microsoft, instead of f’ing with a perfectly good UI, had spent all their energy into improving security.


The list of mistakes is stunning.

Could they not have read the previous settings and reused them? Font size, for example, or preview lines?

And do I now have to open a message to delete it? As in, I can’t just select a number of messages and delete them all?

Time to investigate another email program because the “new and improved” K9 is, quite simply, dreadful.


Long press to check, then delete.(Once one is checked, multiselect works, just select all you want to delete)


I see, thanks. I was used to swipe, which seems to have disappeared.

It takes forever to select multiple messages now. I had the check boxes on the left which allowed selecting multiple messages very quickly.

Use contact pictures, it becomes a check mark area as soon as one is held till it is checked. Or, if not using contact pictures, hold until one is highlighted as selected, then just select/highlight each message. ( No hold necessary after the first is selected)

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