Android Push Notifications: Contact-Specific?

Is there a way to turn on push notifications for JUST SPECIFIC contacts? (android)
(or from specific email addresses)
Haha, I get SO much email…I don’t want to turn on push notifications for ALL my contacts…haha, the push notification will never stop/go away, haha!
I have literally ONE contact that I want the push notifications on for.
Any ideas/help?

As far as I know K9 does not support it directly.

Only way as a workaround I could think of is to filter it on your server by creating a folder named “important”, create rule on server to move important mails to that folder, other to be kept in Inbox.

In K9 you could disable “Folder Notification class” for folder Inbox, and set same setting on folder “important” to “1st class”

That might do the trick - but I did not try it by my own.

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Yeah, I kinda figured I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet and mess around with re-classifying all my different folders and rules etc on K-9. (I use the main Thunderbird software on my laptop)
Lol I have SO many folders and mail filters and rules etc…it’s not gonna be a very fun process! :joy:

Not sure if it works with K-9… I use this for other app notifications as a filter: