Android: creating new Gmail account not possible "browser not supported"

Hello, I have tried to set up my Google account manually several times. After entering my password, Google replies that the browser is not supported and that I should change it. How is that supposed to work?
Mobile: Huawei P30


If I am not mistaken, the P30 is ages old… Google might have locked out the Webview version on your device.

You could try to install a beta or canary version of Webview, but probably you won’t be able to access it as Google has locked out Huawei from the Play store due to the sanctions…

I’ve always had full access to Google Play. As far as I know, the P30 was the last one that still had this access. Pity!

K-9 Mail uses an installed browser for the OAuth flow, not the system WebView. Try installing Firefox or Chrome.


Firefox was installed but it was not standard browser. Now it is and the Google account is working. Thank you. :grinning: :love_you_gesture: