Android Client + Thunderbird? ( @ K9-Mail?)

Hi Guys!

I want to use a reliable email client on my android, mainly use thunderbird for company emails, but so far I had no luck… can you recommend a good android app that I can use and SYNC (!!) emails?

I tried K9-Mail, but the issue is that it doesnt sync the sent emails. So if I reply or send an email it wont appear in Thunderbird and I wasnt able to get it to work…

Thank you in advance!

How did you setup your account in K9?
I guess for sending it should be irrelevant if you use IMAP or POP as it uses SMTP for sending.
But maybe the folders are not set up correctly in K9. Check Settings / account / folders if “Sent folder” has set the correct remote folder


It works for me, using K9 6.7 beta and Thunderbird 102.11.0. I just tried sending from both, and sent mail shows up immediately in both Sent folders. I’ve seen to need to manually sync, everything just shows up in both applications.