Android 11 Support

Just got a new S21…is there a version that supports Android 11?
Tried exporting from previous android but app does not work after import.
Also is there a way to transfer old emails to the new phone?

P.S. Very long time user…

It would be helpful if you expanded on “does not work” as that isn’t very descriptive of your problem.

What version of K-9 are you using? The beta release set works with Android 11. I assume that the 5.6 stable release does too otherwise I would have expected to see that raised here previously.

Messages can’t be exported. If you are using IMAP you should be able to refetch them from the server.

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i was using 5.6 initially and tried to import setting but K9 kept crashing on the new device Android 11. Got the Beta Version and it seems to be working correctly now. Thanks for the quick response.

In case the developers aren’t aware, I had the same problem with 5.6 crashing my S21 Ultra when trying to import settings (it would import the general settings if I unchecked all accounts, but it crashed whenever I tried to import an account setting). The beta version works well if you can live without IMAP Idle support.