Android 10, One UI: 2.1 on tablet galaxy tab S6

Hi, on the Samsung galaxy tab S6 tablet (SM-T865) the application does not work. When installing version 5.600 or 5.716, it writes during installation that the version is incompatible. Unable to connect to IMAP account :frowning: Everything works on an older tablet. I hope that in time the application will work again. Thank you

BR Semi

Android: 10
One UI: 2.1
.# 2 Sat Mar 28 08:13:26 KST 2020


For K-9 Mail 5.600 there should only be a warning message that it is “incompatible” with Android 10. But it should work well enough. But for a new installation I’d recommend using 5.7xx anyway.

The most likely reason for not being able to connect to an IMAP server is not using the correct server settings. What email provider are you using? What server settings have you entered?

I use the same settings on three devices and it works there. (S7 edge, S8 + and tab S4) and that’s where it works. I checked it several times. I have been using this great application for about 10 years. With the same setting, only tab S6 does not work. I use our work server. THX

EDIT: I tested the import from another and functional device and IMAP will not connect …

What is the exact error message?
Are you maybe using some kind of firewall app?
Can you connect to the account using another email app on that device?