Alternative addressbook

Hi there, is it possible to make k9 using another alternative contacts app?
…cause i don’t want to use the android stock contacts app.
Thanks in advance

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You can basically use any contacts app you want and K-9 will work with it.

Yeah, but how do it get to it?
Now i have the original one and the alternative.
But K9 keeps stuck to the original.

When i store a fake contact in the original, it directly shows up in K9.
But the ones in the alternative wont…

It’s simple contacts by

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Apparently Simple Contacts does not store the contacts in the Android system like most other contacts apps. Seems like it intentionally does not want the list to be used with other apps like K-9.

Sounds logical…
Thank you.

But if we could choose a default or alternative address book, then those not wanting to co-mingle personal and professional addresses, could do so. My initial response to browsing all the phone contacts.

The culprit was the contacts app.
Contacts were stored like non visible.
Changed that - everything fine.
Thank you guys