Alternativ Client with overview

Stop complaining they do not hear you.

You see my startpage in FairEmail
Count of unread messages und count of starred messages with direct tap to the starred messages.


Thanks for sharing that!
If you could take the time to explain your further experience a little more?
A short comparison even?
That would be nice!

FairEmail seems pretty decent. Lots of configurability. Controls on the bottom, can have a similar overview page though clicking on account goes to folder list instead of emails.

Will play with it more.

Thank you. Just installed and very quickly set up the first two accounts, set display to open on unified folders instead of Unified.
First impression, I think its a winner

Another one, I love it. You can also select only to see unread emails.

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Unlike k9mail and fairemail, aqua mail is CLOSED SOURCE. That makes it a non-starter from a security standpoint.

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OpenSource is an important aspect. Nevertheless, other apps can also be good and secure.

OpenSource alone is not a sign of quality.

But everybody chooses for himself. AquaMail is. a good app and just another example for the desired start page.