Addressing issues

I believe this is a bug.

When attempting to paste the following address into an address field (To, Cc, Bcc), it will not paste:

"Smith, John" <>

Taking out the comma appears to allow pasting:

"Smith John" <>

It seems to be an issue with the comma. My understanding, having experience with a lot of email applications, is that anything within the quotation marks for a “name” is supposed to be protected.

Another issue with pasting addresses is that a group of them cannot be pasted, when either delimited with a comma or semicolon.

"Smith John" <>, "Smith Frank" <>, "Smith Sam" <>

"Smith John" <>; "Smith Frank" <>; "Smith Sam" <>

Try either. They don’t work. They cannot be pasted.

Again, this is counter to expected conventional behavior.



Didn’t see a support reply on this, so just wondering if anyone is looking at it.

K9 does not seem to be capable to handle content of quotation marks the way you expect it. Typing it manually directly creates a “Error parsing adress”.

I have to check with other mail clients if they would behave differently…

Yes, in addition I can not find a way to paste multiple email addresses into the address fields. This is possible on virtually any other email application. This is going to be a show-stopper real fast.


Looking for any acknowledgment from Support of this issue.

“Support” here is everyone who is helping out. The reply from @stphn is as good as anyone’s. :slight_smile:

This is a known issue: Imposible to add multiple recipients · Issue #5996 · thunderbird/thunderbird-android · GitHub