Address autocomplete

is there a function that the address is autocompleted (just when you type the first one or several letters in the address bar)?

there is no such function working when composing a new email. and did not find an option about the autocomplete function

If you’ve allowed K-9 access to your contacts, this should work.

In the general settings there’s also an option to display contact names rather than their email addresses. If I remember correctly, you can even colourise contacts in the inbox.

my own feeling is that, just like many other email clients, the app itself could remember the address you have once typed, and when you type the address one more time, the address can be auto-completed. this is a normal function in many similar softwares. it is really not necessary to access all the contacts…

the auto-complete could mean:
app remembers the address you once typed when the message is successfully sent out, and when you write to it again, the address is auto-completed by matching the first 1 or several letters you are typing (could be a drop-down menu showing all addresses matching those key letters).

this is a normal function in many similar app (and pc clients), and it does not require to access the contact lists…

Yes, this would be good new feature.

Yes, this adds to efficiency greatly, and such a simple, small function. It is very annoying to have to retype emails all the time, and find the email addresses through a sometimes slow email search function. When can we expect to see this feature added?