Acknowledgment of receipt

Hello everybody,
Is it possible to ask for a acknowledgment of receipt, when we send a message?
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There are two types of receipt acknowledgments – delivery and read. The delivery receipt is controlled by the receiving mail server and something that, in my experience, the administrator generally disables for privacy reasons.

The read receipt is controlled by the recipient’s mail client (MUA) and I suspect many users turn off if it’s not already off by default.

With K9 you can request a “read receipt” under the “sending mail” settings options. Whether you will ever actually get a receipt is outside K9’s control.


Thanks a lot for your answer. I will activate the “read receipt”, in fact it was the subject of my question .
Have a nice day

Did you want to add your full name/address/phone to the last post? Maybe better edit it.

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my name and adress is automatically added to my mails …
I have corrected the mail
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