Accounts overview screen

Read my post just before your’s!!!

We do know how to open the sidelist.
Unfortunately, that´s not the same and makes it very unpracticable to use if you have 10+ accounts to manage. That´s the point here :slight_smile:


This is not the same as what we had in previous versions. The account overview screen should be the 1st thing we see.


It seems like you haven’t read any of the previous comments and certainly your comment doesn’t make us happy again as your proposed solution is precisely what we are complaining about.


Your solution IS what we’re all complaining about


What’s amazing is there are tens of people explaining why this has made the app totally unusable and the developper posts a new thread saying he’s read it all and hasn’t found a single comment that explains why the “new feature” (ie the destruction of a previous feature) is making things X times more complicated, X being your number of accounts multiplied by 10 swipes and pushing pull down menus.
In other words you and I are wasting our time.
Bye bye K9


Well I can give then a good enough reason … 10 years. I have been using K( for 10 years and it worked exactly the way I needed it. So now it is a POS without an optional account overview screen. Even though I have 31 email accounts I monitor I will invest the time to install a new app that fits the bill.

Good-Bye , good enough reason?


I would explain why I loved the old interface and absolutely hate the new one, but it’s not necessary. Multiple people in this thread have already articuated the exact reasons why it was good and now has been scewed up, and why we want the old option.

You say you have read all the posts, and have not seen any reason for the advantage of the old method. That really speaks to the developers attitude towards this app and the users, and that is extremely discouraging.

I understand that your interface designers think the new version is pretty, and the old version, in their eyes, is dated but priority needs to be placed on usability. Form follows function.


Bien d’accord.
On se demande parfois ce qui se passe dans la tête des concepteurs…

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As the Senior Manager as an Internet based Design and Development company I have seen this exact thing many times. What we have here is a designer, or team, that are so in love, and now invested, with their design that they cannot see the obvious when it is right in front of them. Many people have spelled it out and they still cannot get arround the fact that UI means User Interface … if it ain’t usable it is not a great UI


Well my lunch is up found a basic email app just like good ol’ K-9 - “TypeApp mail - email app” let’s see how long this post stays up LOL


Interestingly, TypeApp appears to be literally derived from an older version of K-9 mail.


The new account overview makes an Email Subject (with a bigger font size) being cut when I check my email on my handphone, portrait. Now I have a difficulty to read every email subject.

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+1 for the account list!

Reason? With multiple private and work accounts it is way easier to see where new emails are.

Old UI: one click
New UI: multiple clicks
Reason enough?

Is it really so hard to bring back an optional account summary page?


Could I make a comment about the latest update without offendng anyone with what’s obviously the only possible wording?

1: The new UI is garbage - plain and simple. Barely usable, extreme loss of function and convenience which were why people left Gmail to use things like K9 mail. I;m having trouble imagining anyone trying to use this update and finding anything good to say about it. I can’t.
2: Suggestions: Put the controls back at the bottom of the page. Sticking things in a sidebar might be “something fun and new” but it’s not very handy to use. Bring back the old accounts page at the beginning. This new “look” is a disaster for trying to actually check my acounts. Whether or not there is some convoluted way to get at least most of the old information, it needs to be on the opening page instead of nested in a maze of menues. 3: Before making changes like this again, consider adding some way to export ALL the settings so we users have a way to unload the faulty version and reinstalling the old one again without having to spend hours finding all the individual settings to manually load in again.
I’m not trying to heckle - just convey that I never expected to see a mess like this being distributed by the authors of K9 mail. Very disappointed!


What’s sad is the way K9 team is refusing to admit how bad this change is which can only lead to one conclusion :
All these guys have only ONE account on K9 and all the other accounts they have are


It seems that my opinion on this topic was deleted, at least I can’t find it anymore. Apparently my reasoning was not clear enough. I do not know why I have to restate myself everything that has already been formulated, but then:

I had appreciated the account overview extremely, because I could check all mailboxes at once with one action and see where new mails came in. I chose K-9 because I could keep my 7 private and business accounts with different purposes and priorities separate and keep track of them.
Even if I’m only waiting for a specific reply in one mailbox, the overview is useful because I can either see if a mail just came in that mailbox or go straight to the right one to check. Since I don’t poll my mails very often (and some don’t poll automatically at all), this is not a superfluous feature that would be covered by the notification.

For me, K-9 was a professional tool that clearly stood out from all other mail programs because it covered needs of more experienced users.(I find the current (general) trend of design and “experience” becoming more important than functionality quite annoying). I was a big fan of K-9, it covered everything I needed that was practical. Sure, sometimes it takes a moment to get used to innovations in an app you’ve grown very fond of. But I think all the unanimous votes from dedicated K-9 users (who I’m sure had recommended the app to many more people, as I had), shows that something important has been lost here, doesn’t it?


Why the need for multiple user actions when the old account list was simpler and faster. The sidebar adds multiple steps to what was once simple and fast.


Seems that you are kind of deaf to the folks you are replying to. The need to take multiple steps to accomplish the same actions is the reason many are unhappy. Asking people to reread a bad answer won’t make that answer a good answwr.