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To remind you, @ByteHamster, a few days after this new version dropped, I politely and clearly summarized the two major concerns being expressed in so many these threads: return of the Accounts Overview and return of the action buttons to the bottom of the screen. I asked and encouraged the lead developer to acknowledge these widespread requests and let us know if they were in process. @cketti didn’t reply at all.


@ twsf There was one post some time ago (weeks?) where @cketti said that his might check/do something how to possibly bring it back without too much work, but I dont have any hopes. For me - still using old 5.600, if/when it will break/stop working will possibly switch to fairemail.

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Yes, I was responding to @ByteHamster 's comment above, and some of the other comments. If @cketti would just treat this like most other app development with a support message board, there would be a pinned post explaining what the plan is, and the frenzy of new comments and new threads reiterating the several major, widespread frustrations might taper off. And no, telling average users (i.e. non-developers) to understand and visit github isn’t the right approach. Just communicate with users. It’s not that hard, nor unreasonable to expect.

Here is the comment that mentions how the devs might have found a way to bring the overview screen back, just in case anyone missed it

The link only shows the starting portion, so I am going to quote the important part:

As for whether or not the account overview will come back: that’s not decided yet. @ByteHamster and I have done some brainstorming and might have found a way to integrate it without too much effort. We’ll see how that goes.

Do you have any idea when you can decide whether or not the account overview comes back or not?

Simple. I switch to app I instantly see what accounts have new mail and can proceed accordingly. For many reasons for many people… for me I have accounts that I need to respond to asap.

Now instead of seeing what accounts have new mail, I’m looking at a account. I have to click twice. Just to see, regardless of all the accounts that have new mail, the account I’m interested in doesn’t have anything new. I just wasted my time as opposed to just opening app seeing all accounts in an instant.

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Yet another plea to bring back ability to have the accounts overview as the default, start - up screen for K9 mail. The reason is the same as for other users, viz. I have many mail accounts and the unified inbox is not a solution as some accounts have a lot of junk mail that clutters a unified inbox. Surely this is just a matter of having a setting where the user can choose the default / opening view. Please fix this quickly. Regards Tony

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@tsweetna Welcome to the forum.

Account overview screen is announced for K-9 version 6.2.


6.2? when is that coming out, 2025?

It will come after 6.0 ----> Plans for K-9 Mail 6.000

Its actually fairly close, we are already at 5.9

maybe after 6.1 even, who knows ? but definitely before 6.3. :wink:
thanks for the link !

Unlike you’re working on it I don’t see how you could possibly know how long it will take to get to 6.2

Thanks Tenshi,

I am glad that the accounts overview screen is coming back but a bit disappointed that it will only be in version 6.2 as we are still creeping slowly up from version 5.8. I note that of all the topics in the forum the request to reinstate the accounts overview screen has by far the greatest number of entries.

My hope is that you or whoever is doing the scheduling can bring this forward, particularly as the appropriate screen appears to be available and it may be just a matter of changing the default order of how the screens come up.

I certainly appreciate the contributions and work that has gone into K-9 Mail and making it available to the public. Thank you again.

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Thank you. Looking forward to 6.2

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Thank you! That’s wonderful news!

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Very happy to hear the accounts overview screen will be coming back. Thank you.


Still think it’s fairly close ? still at 5.9 three months later…

Any idea when 6.2 is coming out ?

Give it the time it needs. If you look at previous beta versions, the current 5.9 as well as the next 6.1 will last a few months. The stable 5.8 and then 6.0 will be there accordingly for a longer time.

If you want 6.2 faster, you can always fork and give it a shot. Or pay someone to do it for you.