Accounts overview screen

I created a specific email address only for cctv DVR recordings. With all the pictures being sent to this email, i want to be able to glance at the pictures and decide which ones to save and or delete. I am not sure if this is due to ‘accounts overview’ or not. But if it does not come back, i will change app. Thanks.

I would like to joy the “affray” over the “account” screen.

Like many I have used K9 for years and would be happy to pay for it…today loaded the latest version on a Note20 for testing and was very, very disapointed.

For the developers PLEASE can you resolve the following issues, as I have had to revert to an older version.

  1. The “account list” screen as in above comments is vital. Like others I have many accounts on our mail server and need to instantly see which account they are coming in to (like private, public, junk etc)

  2. The sync times have been completely messed up - the most frequent available is to check every 15 minutes for pop3 - this is far, far too long for anyone in business - the old method of every 5 minutes was not frequent enough (my office checks servers every 2 minutes) and 15 minutes is way too long.

  3. Please bring back the “manual check” feature that seems to have vanished, so you check for new mail immediately - not sure where or why that has gone.

  4. Lastly and more important, why have you gone for version 5 of Android and above when all the GREAT 'phones run Kit Kat - we have a “fleet” of Note 3 phones and the yhave the best contrast and screen of any 'phone we have every tried - but when rooted they can not be updated to Android 5 (a poorer version) or anything else.

Sorry for the moans on a free app, but as said, more than happy to pay for this if working again!


I don’t normally comment any of app I use, but latest K9 update forced me to do it.

New GUI is undelivable cr*p and nightmare for me!!!

Why, just why?! did you destroyed so beautifully simple and working and efficient GUI! WHY?!?!?

So, when I want jump from one email to the other I have to click to top left (that’s idiocy of it’s own, as it’s the most far corner of screen), click to list, click to new email box, click to Inbox … Grrrrrr!!! Nightmare!!!

Old GUI: click back (which was down right = the nearest to my finger), click to new email THAT’S IT! I was in the Inbox.

Whomever brought this complete stupid and idiotic idea … fire him/her immediately!


Let me know if you find one.
Tested few, but all look like Gmail sh*t and K9 looks same now too.

Going to downgrade to 5.6 and look for something else.

K9 was unique and it’s poor standard now, very sorry to see how developers destroyed so great app :-1:

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Try fairemail. I’ve been on it for a few days now and it seems to be more like the old k9

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Google no longer allows uploading apps with more than 15 minutes frequency. See the other thread where this was asked for the technical details.

See How to manually check for new messages / sync a folder?

Thank you. Gonna test it.

I’m tiered of those extra clicks in the K9 when switching between emails … that’s complete nightmare.

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Bring back the old interface with accounts overview. Now I have to do more clicks, to get to another account.
So fix it.

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Thank you ! That is what I have done, waiting for a big change in the new 5.8 :wink:

To ByteHamster thanks for the lead on manual sync, at least there even if an odd way to do it!

As for the 15 minutes, I just do not understand. Other mail clienst and browsers check the internet far more frequently and checking for mail evry 16 minutes is just not practical for business and as mentioned themanual check is long winded.

Sadly will go back to 5.6 on this new Note 20 and of course can;t upgrade on all the Note 3 'phones as new version has dropped support for Android 4 for some odd reason.

Such a shame these changes have been grought in. I don’t disbelieve you, but I am sure Google didn’t want to stop mail clients checking for mail!

PS> anyone can give clue as to where the thread about technical details of long gap between sync is as can not find it

See Is 15 minutes really the new minimum check interval?. Google’s WorkManager only supports 15 minutes for battery saving reasons. When you want to do more frequent refreshes, you either have to hack around it or start a persistent service. When you already start a persistent service anyway, you can also just use push mail and get instant notifications. (at very high polling intervals, push mail is probably more battery and data usage friendly than repeated polling)

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A possible solution I’d appreciate could be adding icons for every(!) account in the left pannel and append the number of new / unread messages:

Screenshot_20210802-211106_K-9 Mail

Also much appreciated: custom icon for every account. I’d prefer colored icons e.g. instead of my own photo as icon…

Good idea?

That’s already possible. Just add the email address of the account to your address book and set an icon

I understand. However, offering a check box “do not use custom icons for accounts” would be very practical. I just need colored icons - colors I have been using for my accounts for as long as I use K9 (which is years…). As all accounts belong to me (probably the case for most users), that would mean “my own photo” for all my accounts. Setting up different address book items for all my email addresses on the other hand is possible but gives the impression of a “work around” rather than an intended solution?

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So I need to clutter my address book in order to fix k9’s shortcomings? Hooray

I agree the account list feature was one of the reasons I used K9. Without it I may switch to outlook since that has an account list.
If anyone at K9 actually reads these posts, it’s pretty obvious that you should not have buried the account list. It should be at least an option to set it as default view. The unifed mail box is not a replacement, it’s unusable if you have multiple accounts which are used for different purposes. I have different accounts for a reason, and don’t want to see all the emails mashed together


I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one that thinks this… clutter, clutter, more to do than I would have in the first place

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Same for me. Looks like no likes for k9

When I was still using 5.8 I got around the missing overview page by making a home screen page full of k-9 unread widgets, one for each account or folder I want to quickly get to. It doesn’t show starred counts but that wasn’t important to me.

The only problem is I would have loved to put all those unread widgets in a single folder but that doesn’t work for the unread widget even though it does for the account widget.

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