Account deletion failed

I had to delete 2 accounts because I no longer have access to them. One has been deleted ok in k9 but the other one is still popping up in the accounts list but when I try to select it in order to try deleting it again, k9 just crashes.
I suspect I’ll have to delete the account manually by deleting files on my phone. On Android, which files would I have to delete to get rid of an account? Thanks

All accounts are stored in the same file, you can’t delete an account by deleting a file. My suggestion would be to export your settings, re-install the app, and import the settings again. (note that you need to re-type your password after re-importing the account)

Thanks, I was afraid I would have to reinstall. Ah well, can’t be helped

In my case, there was actually another solution: going through settings for a different account you get to the “general settings” page on which I was actually able to select the settings of the offending account and from there I could actually run the “remove account” action again. This time it worked.

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