Account blocked: Email Provider authentication failure / 5.800

probably caused by K9 5.800:
authentication failure on 3 Devices 3 different addresses and 2 different provider.,
I had to change my Passwords at all. update to 5.800 and only connected by k9-mail. After few hours one address is blocked again. deleting step by step cache then data then de-/install k9 doesn’t help. using android 11 samsung galaxy s10 + tab s7+.

Benutzername oder Passwort ist falsch.
(Command: sensitive; response: #2# [NO, LOGIN failed. Invalid login/password.])

Hi, I got the same issue (blocked by Arcor) following the switch to the new version. Not sure if it’s a coincidence, I’d be more inclined to think of a K0mail issue and how Imap was implemented.

It’s possible a bug in K-9 Mail may have triggered this. But without more information on why exactly your provider locked the account it’s impossible to tell.

Please let me know how I can help.

Ask your provider why they locked the account. If it was something an IMAP client did, a timestamped protocol log would be ideal. But any technical information they can provide would be useful.

Be aware that both cases are the same mail provider.

Arcor belongs to Vodafone.

it’s a freemail account. support is leaving me hanging, haven’t been unblocked for two requests. forward mails to other provider. i’ve been using k-9 for a very long time, thanks for that.

In the Arcor support forum, there are more users with this issue. The common denominator as far as I can tell is that they used K9mail. A wild guess - K9mail has the push feature as a standard (at least I got a screen where I could deactivate this) while for Arcor, this would be a premium feature. Not sure if this triggered the users being classified as spammers.
As Andreas highlighted, the support is non-existent, and the other users are mostly of the DAU category like me.

Same here, but only for the arcor account of my wife. I asked the support of vodafone to re-open POP3 / IMAP access again yesterday, but no reaction yet.

Mine is still working also in K9. I haven’t seen a difference in the settings of our two accounts so far, but I’m not so familiar with the settings at all, as we used K9 since years and it just worked.

So if you have ideas, where to compare the 2 accounts, please let me know.

By the looks of it, new version opens too many connections to the server (my personal server complains that it hit the limit for IP+username (more than 10 connections) and refuses more connections. Previous version didn’t have it).

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The problem seems to be that the server doesn’t support the IDLE extension, so Push doesn’t work. Unfortunately, the code is not doing the right thing in that case and K-9 Mail ends up sending a command to the server over and over again.

You can get rid of the problem by manually disabling Push for that account. See How to configure Push?

K-9 Mail 5.802 will automatically disable Push for an account when it detects that the server doesn’t support Push.