Accent Color Setting

How can I change the accent color for menus and the compose button?

There is no setting to change the accent color.

Is there any way to get K-9 to use the system accent colors? That pinkish-red really clashes/bites lol, esp. since my systemwide accent color is blue :innocent:

Yes, I agree. Updated yesterday and also wondered how to change that color. Especially on dark theme it is looking strange. Please make it configurable


I’d say it’s buggy, because - at least in my case - it isn’t the same everywhere:

In the Message list, I have the pinkish-red (for e.g. the compose button), but when viewing messages (for e.g. the “show pictures” or the “download complete message”) it is the (correct?) blue.

Yes, that pink is borderline offensive. Like a random stranger applying lipstick to one’s face.


Hmmm, with the new Beta 6.503 the floating Compose button is white instead of pink … not really any better unfortunately, guess I’ll keep it disabled and just check again with every update :innocent:

Going back to 6.400 now. I’m not Barbie! :cat2:

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My solution is to use FairEmail with the nice side effect that it has a function to search for other mails from sender as I requested for K9 to bring back in Bring back "more from sender" · Issue #4756 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

Or one of the many ‘sanitised’ Aqua Mail builds available from Mobilism and the like… I’m setting one up as a backup while hoping for the best :slight_smile:

None of those other clients EVER notified me of new emails in a timely manner across several of my devices, so I’m staying on K-9 … just with the Compose button disabled :sunglasses:

Ok, so with the new release the compose button now has a neutral color, but now the color used for marking selected messaged is pink. :see_no_evil:

Maybe you tried with an older version, but for me notifications in FairEmail work very good.

I hope that the new color scheme that they’ve added on over the last couple of dot upgrades don’t stay! They are very hard on the eyes very hard on the brain and for those of us that are color challenged they are even harder! So please be kind and rewind. Go back to the old scheme it’s better

FairEmail p*ssed me off last time I used it, maybe 2 years ago. I have quite a few icon packs and every time they updated and I made a request for new icons the email would get sent BUT FairEmail always put the message I sent into MY Spam folder lol :woman_facepalming:t3:.
Never happened with any other client and the FairEmail dev insisted I was doing something wrong. I’ve never used that client since then and never will :angry:

That happened to me too, and it’s so sad :poop: that it ignores the material accent color of android.

That’s an unexpected behavior of the new promised “material” design.

And according to this ( Make accent color configurable · Issue #6567 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub ) there is no way we will see any change the next time

Please add a toggle in settings for Pasted text:
Keep Format ( ) or Use Theme ( )

Thank you.

If you’re rooted and use Substratum Lite there is 1 theme now that fixes it. :sunglasses: