Absolute date display for msg < 7 days

Hello and thank you K9 team for all your fine work. Beginning with v5.715 the app added a feature that
displays day of the week for messages newer than 7 days. While I appreciate the feature, I prefer to have specific dates displayed on the message list, e.g., 4/13 rather than “Tue”. Could you kindly tell me if there is a setting or other workaround to make that happen for recent messages?

Thanks so much!


There’s no such setting.

I’d vote for adding such a setting (and/or changing the default back to dates). Is this a good place to suggest or discus?


If not a setting, then how about showing both the dates and days of the week? For example:

  • 4/13 (Tue)
  • Tue (4/13)

Personally, I very rarely need to know the day of the week but almost always need the date; however, showing both would accommodate either need.

I can’t understand that the date is not displayed any more for the last 7 days. I think this is a must, maybe with additional day in that time.
Please change it back or add a switch to make it optional.


I humbly request that the date be reinstated. Having date & day would be ok too. Thanks.

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