About Gmail Folders and Labels on K-9

Hi guys, I recently discovered K-9 after I returned to Thinderbird on a Linux machine.

I loved the app, fast and light. I would only need one thing to replace the Gmail app, and it is the ability within the same email account to separate those that are “promotional” and “social” from the main ones. And being able to separate the emails by the labels that I assign them as soon as they arrive (this is because I manage more than 3 email accounts).

The same thing happened to me with the latest version of TB, all emails appear under the same folder without differentiating those that are promotional or social, which even on the Gmail website separates them.

Is this something coming? Is it planned in the K-9 and TB roadmap?

Greetings and thank you very much, Congratulations on the great project!!!


You would need to translate those labels into IMAP folders and subscribe or display accordingly.

I can’t tell you if it’s possible, as I have never tried.