A modest proposal, for 2 updates

Having read most of the comments on this brand new version of K9, there seems to be general comfort and/or acclaim for most elements, and two areas of widespread frustration. So to the developers, I propose you implement two changes:

  1. Re-enable an Account Overview screen, with at least the option for users to make that their start screen, for those who are managing many email accounts they want to quickly view in overview, and then work in separately.

  2. Re-enable the option to have the main action buttons at the bottom of the screen, for users who want easier one-handed interaction with the app.

If you made these two changes you would satisfy at least 3/4 or more of the dissatisfaction expressed in these forums, winning yourselves major kindness and karma points, and certainly promoting many more donations to support your continued good work.


I would gladly pay for these two changes.

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