5.801 - duplicate messages

Just got 5.801 recently. I’m now seeing duplicates in most of my folders for newly arriving messages only.

Neat thing is, when I select one of the messages, it’s pair gets deselected/deleted/whatever I’m doing to it.

It only happens (so far) on one of my mail accounts, which also happens to be my main one too.

Anything the devs need to help debug? I did clear the App Cache from the app system screen; did not help.

Update: Weird. I rebooted my Pixel 3. New messages weren’t getting duped. But still had dupes in several folders. On a lark, I moved the duped messages through my email provider’s web interface to a temporary folder. Then sync’d the k9 folder of the same. Then moved the messages back, and sync’d the k9 folder again. Now from the k9 side it looks OK.

I don’t think my Mom could have done that. What went wrong and what’s the best way to fix such?

Assuming IMAP – You can use the “clear local messages” option, under “manage folders”, to clear things out. Then do a refresh of that folder and things should be back to normal.

Yes, IMAP, good guess!

I was poking around for the ability to clear local messages. Thanks for pointing out where it is. I’ll try such next time if there is a next time.