5.8+ still not as easy to operate as prior version

It’s been a few weeks and am still struggling to get it to operate as easy as it was.

Specifically, I really miss the global manual Get Emails key. I only check email when I am in Wifi range or turn data on. The old key would retrieve my new emails from all my accounts with one tap.

There’s not such global option anymore . Each account must be set to a pull frequency of Never or to some frequency. I don’t keep it in check ever x minutes because I want to retrieve emails when I want, not else because it consumes battery.

So right now I have all accounts set to Never check and when I want to check my email I have do three clicks through the Settings Menu and turn Frequency to 15 min. Then emails are downloaded and replied as needed , then again 3 clicks through the Settings Menu to set back to Never check.

I have four accounts and the task that used to take 1-2 seconds now takes 30-40 secs . It clearly diminishes productivity and makes an unpleasant experience overall, knowing that I could do it so fast…

Also I really miss the central top display with all accounts with N of new messages. The starting page displaying a single account does not work for me.

Please restore these features or provide another less time consuming option.



Pull down in the side menu

It’s still there. Just open the account overview page in the side menu

Yes, thanks. I see the View all accounts.

But I don’t see what you mean “Pull down in the side menu”. Not clear option is visible to synch All accounts. Am I looking at the right place? Or perhaps is there a screenshot somewhere to illustrate it?


There is a detailed explanation here: How to manually check for new messages / sync a folder?


Thanks for the webpage. Ok, yes I see it now. It worked.

Now that I know, it is fine but frankly it was not intuitive.

Anyways again. It worked that’s what matters.

I can only agree here :unamused:. The usability of the previous versions was much simpler and possible with far fewer steps. Therefore, perhaps a review should be done here again. More is not necessarily better:


  • Where can I choose to see only the marked (important) mails with one click?
  • A simple filter so that only the unread mails are displayed.
  • In the shared box, it would be very helpful if I could simply go from one mail to the next one displayed in the box. Currently, the order is then done in the respective box and you have to click around again.
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