5.8 showing as sent, but not always arriving at destination

I never had problems with apkpure. But I understand your point of view.

Thanks for the links.
I like the direct link from the repo

As indicated in one of the posts above, I am one of those folks who has been a long-time user, and just happened to stumble upon this forum thread after recently discovering this same problem with HostGator.

After a read through the thread, it seems that the best interim solution (at least for me) will be either reverting to 5.6 or trying the Open Mail 5.6 K9 fork.

What are the opinions of the forum members with regard to one or the other of these options… reverting to 5.6 (apk from GitHub) or installing Open Mail?

Any feedback/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mihalasky,

I’ve used the K9 5.6* from the project’s development archive, but ended up moving on to the Open Mail 5.6 K9 fork, as the developer did do a few things on it to stabilise things.

I’ve communicated with the developer of the Open Mail 5.6 K9 fork.

He seems a really decent guy, kind hearted even.

He says that he does not intend to do anything to the Open Mail 5.6 K9 fork that would destabilise anything, in fact he intends at the moment to keep it unchanged as he is very busy with other things.

I think while using it, I have had to refresh/restore the downloaded emails occasionally, but my phone’s sdcard is getting full, so what that is indicative of I can not say for sure.
(An sdcard getting full, is a known issue with a number of other apps anyway.)

But, if you’re using IMAP or like, from time to time you could do a forced refresh (by pulling your finger down from the top of the folder’s listed email window) of Sent emails, and any other important mail folder you have created through your mail application on your PC or bigger device.

(This vintage of K9 and forks does not let you create new IMAP folders on your phone etc.)

— That is one way of making sure you’ve equalised with the same mail server folder.


I use open mail, without problems.

Hi PaulNormanNZ and jef… thank you kindly for your input. It sounds like Open Mail may be the way to go while we wait-out any possible fix to 5.8.x, should any fix actually be forthcoming.


It may be relevant to this discussion that HostGator and Bluehost (along with dozens of other webhosts) are owned by the same company, until recently known as Endurance International Group, merged in August with the Network Solutions/Web.com companies and now known as Newfold Digital.

It’s my understanding that when hosting companies are purchased by this megacorporation, their customers are moved to the parent company’s servers, so potentially anyone whose mail is hosted by a Newfold Digital company may be facing the same mail server configuration and therefore the same issue. There is a list of Newfold companies here (the blog post is old, but he keeps the list updated):

I’m no advocate of these companies (in fact, I advise my clients to avoid them like the plague), but their customers combined represent an enormous number of users. Even if they are in the wrong (which would be consistent with their MANY other performance and support issues), the K9 Mail developer may wish to reconsider his position due to the very large number of users who may be impacted, and unaware of it. Don’t think of it as knuckling under, think of it as supporting users who have horrible hosts and need all the help they can get.


Hello All,
I can confirm this very weird anomaly.
I have done the following:
two accounts one on bleuhost, another on gmail.
When sent from bluehost account to gmail, the email appears in the sent folder EVEN on the bluehost server. However, it never makes to the gmail inbox.
However, with all other servers I use, including gmail, everything is normal.
Finally, using other clients for android, it works fine.
My conclusion is that whatever it is it should be worked out between k9mail and bluehost.

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Any updates on this topic?


Hi all,

Like many of you, I’ve been stuck in the middle on this issue… can’t send via latest K9.

I’ve reverted back to K9 5.6 and now I can send.

Since this thread has been inactive for awhile, I thought I’d check in to see if there’s been any change.

Has K9 modified its stance on sending with EHLO? Or has Hostgator changed anything on their side?

Any other good android email clients I should consider instead of K9 5.6? It is pretty hard to beat.

Thanks in advance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! :slight_smile:

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Not sure if you figured out a K9 work around for the localhost ip issue, but it’s not hard to fix.

I always ask people in pissing contests, do you want to be right or effective?
Generally you want to be both, however, being effective general out weighs being right when it comes to managing people or programs. You get a better results.

I get the reason for the change to protect one’s IP address. I don’t agree with the use of, also known as loopback address. And it is suspicious when you have a request, authenticated or not, coming in with a non-routable address.

See RFC 1122                    INTERNET LAYER                 October 1989
            (g)  { 127, <any> }

                 Internal host loopback address.  Addresses of this form
                 MUST NOT appear outside a host.

Easy fix. Decompile apk.
Locate & Open the file - SmtpTransport.smali in a text editor
Change (located near line 364) to a private network IP address, such as
Save SmtpTransport.smali
Compile apk
Install on device - your done.
Be sure to disable automatic updates for K9 app.


K-9 Mail is an open source project. The source code can be found here: GitHub - k9mail/k-9: K-9 Mail – Open Source Email App for Android
Instructions on how to build the app can be found here: BuildingK9 · k9mail/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

That’s not necessary. Your app will be signed by a different key. And so neither Google Play nor F-Droid will be able to update the app.

Nice easy looking fix.

Probably still beyond the skill and/or determination of myself and I suspect the vast majority of users, not to mention only a few will ever reach this post.

Developer, if you’re reading this, please make the fix, or put an option for it in the Send settings.

Long time user here.

Just discovered this whole issue when some EXTREMELY important emails sent didn’t arrive.

I’m furious with HostGator.

To say I’m PISSED at HG without them sending a bounce of any kind is utterly mindboggling. It took AGES to work out what was happening.

Non tech people are doomed.

Keen to know if there will be an update to “fix” this, pragmatic, RFC-rules, or otherwise.

Feels like a major issue to me (a warning might have been nice from within the ap that this would occur!!! HostGator is hardly trivial!)

Once a mail client has delivered a message to the mail service provider (MSP)'s server and gotten the acknowledgement that it has been accepted the client (any client) has no knowledge of or ability to control what that server does with the message. Even if the server doesn’t /dev/null the message straight out, there’s no way for the client to know that the MSP won’t block it at some further point. I.e., there is nothing that a client can do to know or guarantee that the host actually subsequently attempts to deliver the message out. That information can only come from the host in the form of a return (bounce). If the MSP’s server knows at the start that it doesn’t intend to deliver the message it should reject, rather than accept, the message. That way the user would know right away. Regardless the approach, standard best practice is for the MSP to inform authenticated users if their mail isn’t being delivered.

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Totally agree.

Its egregious and outrageous that HostGator behaves as it does.

I understand that Hostgator is mostly to blame here.

I also understand that technically, the email client app is not notified of the dropped email.

However, the developer has been informed of the issue, and a fix (allowing users to revert back to an alternate delivery method) should not be that hard to implement.

The developer could help a lot of people by modifying/improving their app to deal with the reality of the situation, rather than simply washing their hands of the matter.

Do/can you trust an MSP that trashes its (authenticated) user’s messages, without notification? Getting a message past Hostgator’s first filter is no guarantee that they won’t trash it at some later stage, still without notification. If they were my MSP I’d be looking for a provider that comes closer to following best current practices.


So my hosting is up for renewal…BlueHost…and I’m not going to spent money on hosting that doesn’t work with K-9 and more importantly the strict mail send rules.

I don’t need web hosting.

I don’t want Google.

I need two IMAP accounts between two domains and I’d like to have around a gig of mail space JIC.

Anyone recommend a host?


I have been very happy with MDD Hosting - www.mddhosting.com/