5.8 Need to see number of unopened emails on each account on one screen as I used to be able to

@sillycar Thank you for the suggestion. I was not sufficiently aware of this option and it WILL help me in my situation. Again, thank you.

Please bring back the unified in-box! Let’s say you have five accounts in K9-Mail. As it was, you just go to the Unified In-Box to see which accounts have new mail. As it stands now, with this update, you must check each and every account manually. Lots of clicks!

You can still use the unified inbox - you can even select which folders should show up in it. Also, you can open the account overview page to see the number of unread emails in each account. To open the overview page, open the side bar and press the downwards arrow.

This really won’t work if you have several hundred emails across multiple accounts.

We need it back how it was. I’m sensing that the developers think they know best…

Try FairEmail
You see my startpage with direct tap to starred messages and count of unread messages for each account

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I can only agree with the comments above. Thanks very much for providing a wonderful app for years. I wrangle 7 of my email accounts with K-9, and the overview page is a must. I don’t mind if it’s opt-in or opt-out, but please bring it back!

Yes, I miss this kind of Overview.

Came here to vote for this too. I currently manage 6 email accounts with K-9 on my phone, and the unified inbox is simply not a workable option. I think Mkapash has the right idea, above. Having that as the first page when I open K-9 would be infinitely preferable.

That said, I do appreciate the the work that has gone into 5.8, both the obvious and non-obvious. The interface changes, other than mentioned, all seem to be improvements. Speed seems improved, both in the interface and in the interactions with IMAP servers. Yes, it’s taking some getting used to - I first installed K-9 on my HTC Droid Eris and I have had it on every single phone I’ve owned since. Yes, the new interface has required some adaptation. I’m very used to the old interface, and could navigate strictly by muscle memory. But I’m getting used to it. K-9 is still my go-to email tool, and it is still the best email tool available. But I really really miss the Accounts page.

Thanks and kudos to the dev team!

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I just updated 5.8 (with F-Droid) and the absence of the display of all the accounts is for me a blocking point.
What a bad idea this deletion is…
I’m going back to 5.6 while waiting for better.