5.724 doesn't work with Oneplus 8T (Android 11)


version 5.724 doesn’t work with Oneplus8t (Android 11), there is no bar with symbols for syncing, searching, new message and so on. Version 5.600 works without problems.

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The user interface has changed a bit. There’s only one toolbar with actions, it’s at the top.

Refreshing works by swiping down the message list. Same gesture works on the list of folders and the list of accounts.

In the message list screen the toolbar at the top should show a magnifying glass icon for search and a pen icon for composing a new message. If that’s not the case for you, please provide a screenshot.

Thank you, now I understand. But the in the new design is partly waste of space:

  • For the sender now there is always an extra line
  • The subject has move from the status line, which is now empty

Sorry, this is disimprovement :wink: