2FA with Office 365

My university has activated 2FA for our Offiice 365 corporate mail accounts, and disabled application passwords, arguing that they are not really 2FA.

Is it possible then to use K-9 with this email account? If so, how?

Thanks in advance. ^^

I’m in the same boat. My domain provider Godaddy just moved to office365 Exchange server. K-9 no longer works!

It’s very sad to have to give up k-9 after all these years of using it. I read somewhere in a different thread that the canine developer team does not have adequate resources regarding developers that can add the proper authentication security to K9. OAuth2 is required now and k-9 does not have that.

I’m looking into a new program to switch to called “Nine” mail. Not free but it supports Exchange server.

I think fairemail supports oauth2.
I have it as a backup if K9 stops working.
K9 still works for me for office365 plus app password.

I’d like to use an app password only Godaddy doesn’t support that.

Just checked out fairemail and doesn’t say if it supports OAuth2 which is required for my Exchange server now. Microsoft 365 requires OAuth2. On Windows Thunderbird works with Exchange. The only thing that I know works is the free outlook app only it kinda sucks.

You could give R2Mail2 a try: Play Store

It supports Exchange (and if cryptography is a thing for you: GnuPG and S/MIME).