15s to load list of emails


Since the new release, it takes around 15 seconds to display the list of emails. Until then it only shows to button to load 50 more.

I couldn’t find any configuration to change this. the number of emails to be shown at once is set to 50.

It is not acceptable to wait 15s each time I open up my mail app.

Can I change back to an older version, or is this being fixed soon? Otherwise I would be forced to change my email client app (but I like k9!).


You could maybe try disabling the option to show contact pictures and contact names and see if that helps.

Thanks, this was a good hint!!
Apparently, what takes so much time is to show the names from the contacts (addressbook). If I switch this option off the list appears immediately (and I can still switch on “show names” and “pictures”).

Ok, so this works for now… of course, it would be even better if the names were linked to the contacts without this huge waiting time. Maybe this is due to my very large contact list (~600 contacts).

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