15minute pop3 interval; wanting <= 1min

What a lot of posts on the subject; I gather from reading that the google play store won’t allow apps to be posted there with pop3 polling less than 15 minutes; and the android API that does all the work for mail function cripples any attempt at more frequent polling…

But I use some 13+ year old IRC apps that maintain and reconnect just fine in Android 10/11; Battery life of phones is virtually unaffected(16 days uptime connected Moto G Power 2020); Surely an email client could be made/modified to connect directly and bypass barriers installed by google?

I have private pop3 mail server and for various security alarms and other notification desires would like <= 60 second polling of pop3; **anyone know of a client that ‘does it’s own work’ and will function in Android 11± ?**I tried an older version of K9 mail v5.6~ that still has the 1 minute polling interval option; however it won’t poll at all with it set to that(except manually; and no notifications); presuming the API must be blocking it.

Why not just switch to IMAP and use Push? That way it would (mostly) be instant.
Not sure what the IRC protocol has to do with emails? Google simply doesn’t allow shorter intervalls for email polling and IRC is a whole different ballgame that has nothing to do with it.

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All internet communication operate over TCP/IP;Programs all use TCP/UDP ; If google is limiting the POP3 polling interval it is through an email API they built into the OS and the ‘email clients’ are taking the lazy way(can’t blame them) and using google’s API vs writing/using someone elses without such restrictions.

I mention IRC only to say google is not implementing any filtering/limiting at the TCP or OS notification level; so this limitation could be bypassed. IRC client stays connected and notifications work; responds to server pings and reconnect attempts as set (default every 30 seconds if connection drops).
I’ve had issues with IMAP in past; pop3’s been working for decades; and still works on every device except newer android;

I don’t think the 15 minute interval has anything to do with Android not supporting email checking more often; that is all implemented in the app. The app uses the Android WorkManager (the standard API for repeating tasks in Android) for scheduling mail retrieval, and that API has a minimum frequency of 15 minutes between invocations. I found that out when I wanted to add more frequent mail retrieval some years ago.

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