1 minute poll frequency?

Hello everyone,

I have been using an old phone and K-9 Mail 5.6 for years because I need to be notified of incoming emails to a specific folder as soon as possible. K-9 works beautifully with poll frequency set to 1 minute.

Recently I bought a Samsung A53 running Android 11, but it looks like the minimum poll frequency is greater than 1 minute for recent versions of K-9 Mail.

So my question is this: what is the last version of K-9 that allows 1 minute poll frequency, and what is the latest version of Android that it works on? If necessary, I will return the Samsung phone and buy a phone that will enable me to use K-9 Mail at 1 minute poll frequency.


The latest Beta has Push again, meaning you’ll get notified as soon as you receive a new email. It’s still a bit glitchy but being worked on and mostly does what it should.

Other than that I think the Playstore non-Beta still has the 1 minute option and I can’t imagine that it’s tied to an Android version :thinking:


OK, thank you, that is very helpful. I downloaded 5.6 (like I have on my LG G4 and LG Stylo 2+, where it works perfectly).

I have been testing the app quite a bit, and what I’ve discovered is that with Android 11, unlike earlier versions of Android, the app has to be open in order to sync. I can hit “clear all” in previous versions of Android, and K-9 Mail still syncs as desired. So, I’m either missing a setting in Android 11, or the app just has to stay open in order to poll every minute. That’s OK, I’ll just have to remember never to close the app.

So thank you again, I’m pretty sure this will be a solution for me.

I’ve so far refused to update to 11 and this is just 1 more reason to stay on 10 for the rest of my life (or that of my device :rofl:).

But I’m sure someone on 11 will be able to help you - I’m glad you got it sorted so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I’m going to continue testing. Notifications have been inconsistent. Sometimes I get the vibration but no ringtone. Sometimes nothing happens at all. I’m trying to see a pattern.