Wrong account when change the identity?

I created multiple accounts in K-9 Mail, say account A and account B. Account B has additional identities.

When I click the compose button on account A and then changed my mind to choose a sender identity to be one of the additional identities of account B by click the “from” field and select the identity from the drop down menu. Finally, I finished the mail and sent it.

However, I found that K-9 Mail used account A to login its SMTP server instead of account B and its SMTP server. I expect it will use account B to send the mail. But it’s not.

Is this a bug ? If not, why ?

What version of K9 are you using?

I tried this in a variety of ways with my multitude of accounts and identities and couldn’t replicate your issue with K9 - 5.904. All messages were sent using the “outgoing mail server” configured for the last account/identity that was set on the message.

My K9 version is 5.806, the latest version from Google Play.

The 5.9x release that I am using is from the beta channel.

I found this bug because I reviewed the SMTP server logs. Then I found that K-9 use account A to log into the SMTP server then send the mail for account B’s additional identity to the recipient. Additionally, account A and account B are accounts belong to the same mail server.

Did you also reviewed the SMTP server logs, @njeyaakili ?

My “user A” (and its identities) is not authorized to send out via “account B”'s server and vice versa. The respective servers reject the messages if I try. I also checked the headers of the received messages to confirm that messages were sent out as expected, i.e., authenticated with the correct credentials and through the server associated with the user/identity that was ultimately selected. This all confirmed that if I started with “user A” as the sender and then switched to “user B” (or an identity) the mail was sent out from K9 via the “user B” outgoing credentials and mail server. I have a range of accounts and identities configured in K9 and tried various options - never replicating your report.

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This sounds good to me. I’ll wait for the stable release. Thank you very much ! :blush: