With unified inbox enabled, open a particular account by default

Hi! I have enabled unified inbox enabled. I use it to get a quick glance of the e-mails in various other folders that I don’t check individually. Right now when I open the app, it shows the Unified Inbox by default.

Given how it’s not the first thing I want to take a look at when opening the app, I would like to configure the app such that the “Inbox” of one of the accounts I use. Is there some way to achieve this?

Turn it off. The inbox of the topmost account will be shown.

You can place an instance of the “K-9 Accounts” widget on the home screen to directly open a specific account.

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Thanks. That’s not an option though as I still want to use “Unified Inbox”.

Yeah. I’m aware of this workaround. It doesn’t work well for me as the launcher I use [ref 1] doesn’t allow for many widgets in the home screen. So, I have to be very choosy about the widgets I use (… and I really like it as it help me avoid the overwhelming feeling …). Also, I would still prefer to see the Inbox of a specific account to be shown even if I open the app directly. So, it would be nice to have some way to configure K-9 mail to achieve this.

[ref 1]: KISS launcher. It’s really good launcher and it’s really intuitive to me.