Why can't you swipe between messages?

Just a quick query, I noticed today that when you have a message open, if you want to navigate to the next or previous message you need to use the navigation buttons at the top. It would seem intuitive to be able to swipe to the right or left to move forward or back between messages. Is there any plans to implement this?

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It’s on the list since a few years but no one has implemented it yet :slight_smile:

What list, please? And how would one go about implementing it? Are there any obvious barriers that more experienced contributors might like to warn newbies about? :slight_smile:

The list of things to do/implement in K-9 - and WE can’t do any of that, only the dev(s) can :slight_smile:

This was recently implemented but there is a lot of things to do and the change is rather large, so it will take a while before it can be added to the app. Not before version 6.000

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I know its not what people are asking for, but you can configure the volume keys to change between messages. Settings > Interaction > Volume key navigation

This will allow you to cycle thru messages and read them one handed.