Where have the long press options gone?... clear messages, recreate data,

I have been a long time user of K9 & recommended it frequently to others looking for a solid, funtional email client.

New ui is a PITA. K9 WAS really good as the ui was uncluttered,simple & easy to use. Now it’s as bad as the M$ ribbon garbage.

Where have all the long press options from the account list gone? I frequently use clear messages or recreate data to purge emails & reduce memory usage.

I (thankfully) found the ‘universal’ / ‘all accounts’ sync by accident. For those that haven’t: click hamburger, then clickkng clear space in between account ‘pictures’ then swipe down on list of accounts. I’m hoping the other ‘missing’ functions are still hidden away safely in the app somewhere. Surely you haven’t reduced functionality for the sake of this terrible ui?

Really hope you provide a ‘classic’ option in the next cut.

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Did anyone find these options in the meanwhile? I also did use this feature quite often to reduce the memory usage on my smartphone.
For me it seems to be an important feature. Not for others?


You can find Clear local messages in the menu of the Folder settings screen of a particular folder. You can get there via Manage folders in the drawer.

That’s great!
But it would be very helpful to implement the possibility for clearing the whole account. As I wrote I have hundreds of folders and sometimes I have to download mails from any folder, and then from anotherone …
And later I do not know exactly, in which folders there is local content.
So please implement this helpful option, too!

I am not sure. Become the folders automatically cleared after a while? After how many days? If so my question from before is cleared out.