"When I delete a message" options

Hi. I am completely new to K-9 Mail and have a question regarding deleting a message. With my other email client, I am used to being able to choose ‘Move to Trash folder’ when I delete a message. I do not see that option in K-9 Mail. Am I just overlooking it, or is that option not supported?

The mail is moved to whatever folder you have configured as Trash in the account settings in the folders subsection.

If you don’t want mails to be moved but rather deleted directly, set the Trash folder to “-NONE-”.


You should be able to delete a mail by hitting the trashbin icon - it should move the mail to the configured trash folder.

Or you can mark the mail, click 3dot menu, click Move, select Trash folder

Also make sure that the correct folder is set as Trash: see Settings / < account > / Folders