Vibration patterns & Notification colours gone 5.800

Hi there, missing these two neat features the most. It was always super helpful to differentiate an incoming mail by the importance of the account. Would it be super hard to get them back? That was an outstanding feature for me.

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I’m not sure yet. But fixing/improving notifications is the next big item on the roadmap.


It seems like if you have a folder, with a lot of messages (that aren’t activly monitored), you will get a vibration of every new message downloaded now.

Previous, i got one vibration, and the K9 app downloaded all the new messages.

Is there somewhere I can change this back to one vibration (even if there is several new in the folder), i 5.8?

Would appreciate it a lot

That was the most valuable feature for me, losing the account overview is annoying but these habe become essential for me.

It could still be proved though, e.g. by adding a list of priority contacts (ideally multiple separate lists each with sound & vibration settings).