Undo Delete (please!)

Feature request:
when deleting an email using swipe, it would be very useful to have an “undo” box briefly (2-3 secs?) display where the trashcan icon was to restore that message.
Currently it is quite easy to accidentally delete an email, or delete the wrong one, and an instant undo capability feels very missing relative to Outlook and other apps.

Hope your teams can find a way to accommodate this request – thanks!


At least as workaround (if not yet known):
Change to Trash folder, select mail(s) you want to restore, 3dot menu: Move, select Inbox folder

This of course only works on IMAP.

Thanks – Yes, of course I realize there is a way to get these emails back, but these steps it can be very painful especially if you are managing a very large inbox or have multiple accounts with large inboxes, to have to sift through all of them in order to find an accidentally deleted email. The ‘undo’ capability seems so intuitive to offer.

I’ve been using AquaMail (looking very much like K-9) for 10 years. They got too greedy so I switched to K-9 I. Aquamail has more features and one of them is a couple of seconds undo after swiping. I would really like to see that in K-9 too. Otherwise K-9 works very well for me.