Synchronization to / from server does not work properly


I’m using K9 Version 5.802 (the new one) and facing some issues.

The synchronization with the mail server does not work as expected.

  • Deleting mails using the app, does only work locally. Which means they are not deleted on the server. The Fetching mail setting ‘When I delete a message’ is already set to ‘Delete from server’.
  • Also issues with the read/unread function. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Unfortunately, it seems random to me. Sometimes I mark as read and after a while it is marked as unread again.

Any ideas what to do?
Or should I create an issue on GitHub?

All the best

What happens if you refresh manually after deleting?

Refreshing manually shows the same behavior.
But speaking of manually refreshing, it needs a lot of time compared to the old version which was 4 times faster or even more. Sometimes the refresh symbol is shown more than a minute, speaking of one inbox not the unified one, which has four.