Style/Design of Mailslist - more "modern" possible?

The mailslist looks a bit outdated, compared to more modern styled eMail apps (like edison-mail, e.g.). Screenshot of both attached, compare for yourself (sorry, in German).

Will there be an update in the future, or soon? Or are there some tweaks I did not yet find in the settings?

Thx, Guys

What do you think is more modern in the left side?

Only real differences I see are

  • the icons instead of the characters
  • the attachment is shown by name instead of single icon. What happens if mail has more that one attachment?

There’s also the star icons. You can turn them off if they bother you :slight_smile:

@cketti To clean up the default install, how about changing the star icon as follows? Only display stars when a message is starred. If nothing is starred (I assume most users don’t use stars), the screen is therefore less cluttered. Users can still use the star icon on the message header. Even if someone does use stars, they can see the state without changing any setting. If someone really needs to toggle the stars quickly without even having read the message, they can use a swipe action (no clutter) or re-enable persistent star buttons (for people who don’t like change).

That feels unnecessarily complicated. It’s something we can talk about when getting to cleaning up the message list UI. But before that we have other outstanding UI work that needs to be finished.