Standard folders gone, not selectable (Android)

Strange things happens in K9 Android. Currently I’m using version 6.400. I suspect some changes around 11th October maybe responsible for this.My last action on folders was the cleanup of the “deleted” folder (probably around this time), but I haven’t change the folder setup at all.

  • The formerly used “deleted” folder (in german named “Papierkorb”) isn’t used any more (since the above mentioned date). I’m not able to select this folder which previous used one any more, even if I reload and update the folder list. It has been automatically reset to “none”. :frowning:
  • Also the drafts, spam and archive folder definitions are gone. I have a folder named “Entw&APw-rfe”, “Spam” and “Archiv”, All has been set to “none”. I’m not able to reselect them, see below.

BTW: is it possible to create or just define a folder in K9 (Android) even it is not existent.or is created on-the-fly?
BTW #2: The folder list for selecting special folder is presented unsorted and incomplete (I have 1500) which is a real pain to go through to select one …

Best wishes

Strange indeed.

None of the things you describe should happen. The app would need to skip some checks and code that is normally executed for it to behave that way. That makes me think the installation somehow got corrupted and now the app is behaving in unpredictable ways (sadly, this is more common than you might think). My suggestion is to uninstall the app, then reinstall. Before uninstalling, you probably want to export the current settings. See Export settings - K-9 Mail

Please let us know if that fixes the issue.

K-9 Mail currently doesn’t support creating folders.

I have just added some code to sort that list. This change will be included in a future release.

Great, thanks. We will see.
Beside the sorting, is there any limit on size of the list? As already mentioned, I suspect the list might be not complete …

I will try this too … stay tuned. :wink: