Spam Signaling Reporting

Will there be an option or module linking to Signal Spam? Or reporting to the community?

By the time the spam is in your inbox, its a bit late. Anti-spam needs to happen on the server, or, ideally, at an email security solution before the server.

Of course it is the logical thing, but spam makes to your in box and you either delete or indentify the spamer, block it and ultimately signal it.

But those actions must be made available within the application.

Good on you if that works for you. My spam flagging all takes place in a hosted quarantine web interface. Not really anything that can be done efficiently from the MUA for me.

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mail scanning for spam is a complex and resource intensive activity. also, as the nature of spam is ever changing, there are frequent needs for updates to the rules used for this processing. so, doing this on the client (any client) isn’t all that practical.

you can move “spam” messages that make it to your inbox into your spam folder. in some mail environments the provider will use those messages to “teach” their spam filters. check with your provider to see if they do that, or if you would be just as well off simply deleting such messages.