Some crashing on new emails

I have to congratulate the k9 team. Superb piece of app which I have been using for years in mission critical applications and which has never let me down. the push feature using IMAP is the best I have used surpassing the blackberry by far.

One problem which arose in the last few months (using Huawei Mate pro 20) is that when a contact is chosen whilst writing an email, it crashes, sometimes the same contact causes it to crash repetitively.

Taking this opportunity to suggest perhaps a feature where the emails are colour tagged depending on the recipient domain if anyone has the time to work this out.

Again congratulations to the team for a job very well done !!!

Sorry for the crashes :face_with_head_bandage: From your description it sounds like one of the bugs that were fixed in the beta version. You can find out how to get it e.g. from this post: Beta: K-9 Mail 5.714

Note: The current beta versions do not support IMAP IDLE (Push). However, adding back Push support is the next feature on my list. So if you can live without it for a little while, please give the beta version a go.

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I cannot live without push email. Its my oxygen !!!
I shall wait for the production version and thanks again for spending the time to save us push email junkies !