[Solved] How do I check the version of K-9 Email?

Hi Guys,
I am tryin to find out what version of K-9 email I have installed on my phone but there is no splash screen nor any menu item where I could see it. (couldn’t found help/about either). Could someone help me out?

(I cannot find the way to configure and use K-9 with two or more email accounts but I cannot ask about this without knowing the version of the software I have installed.)

If/when all else fails, you should be able to check at the system level. Under the system/apps option select an app and the detail will include the version number.

With K9, the current (5.8+) way is – select the triangle on the right-toward the top. That should turn it from pointing left to pointing down. When it does that you should see a gear/settings option at the bottom. Under settings there’s an “about” selection which will indicate the version. Also, a bit above that you should see an “add account” option. With only one account, or if you are using 5.6 things may be a little different, but that should get you started.


Thanks for your quick reply, I’ll give it a shot.