I keep receiving this error: SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

I have received this one too: SocketTimeoutException: failed to connect to smtp-mail.outlook…

I know I should attach the log, but I don’t have a computer right now.

Thank you

What device? What version of K-9 Mail? What version of Android (if used on a smartphone) or what version of ChromeOS (if used on a Chromebook)?

Sorry, you are absolutely right.

Xiaomi Mi 8
K-9 5.806
Android 10 12.5.2 stable

I suspect that the mistake could be related to App Tracking Protection of DuckDuckGo.
I have already disable it for this app and I can send messages now and complete the verification of smtp, but the message that already were in “sending” never completed the action, so I rewrite them and deleted them from “sending”. It works.