Setting up work gmail

I have a Samsung Galaxy s20+

Trying to set up a work email that uses gmail. I set up 2FA and am using an app password but when I continue I get this message:

Setup could not finish
Cannot connect to server.
(Unable to open connection to SMTP server.)

I’ve also got the k9-log.txt if that helps

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What settings are you using for your “outgoing mail server”? If you’re trying to use the gmail server for outgoing, the settings should be:

server name:
security: starttls
port: 587
require sign-in

authentication: normal password

if your work is using a paid-for gmail service, with their own domain name, it’s possible that the outgoing server name is different.

[please always include the k9 version when reporting issues.]

Thank you, that worked

Using version 5.600