Sent message not to be found anywhere

Hello. I’ve fallen victim to the common issue of K-9 not automatically recognizing which folder needs to be used for what. I composed an email, sent it, and now there’s no trace of it whatsoever.
Following instructions on recent threads, I’ve now assigned the proper folders to their intended use, and email I send now are correctly stored in the “Sent” folder.

However, is there any way for me to retrieve the email I previously sent? It seems to have vanished in thin air. I’ve also logged in the webmail section of my provider but I think it just never made it their way at all. Did it just get… basically destroyed?
Did K-9 still send it to the receiver at least? There’s chances the receiver will not write back to me, and the text of that email would’ve been really useful to keep. I didn’t think something like this could even happen, so I didn’t think about saving the text anywhere else…
Is there anything I can do?

Also - I really think this is an issue on K-9’s side. I’m using the same addresses on K-9 on mobile and Thunderbird on desktop - used the same configuration for both, yet Thunderbird correctly finds the proper folders for sent, junk, trash, archive, while in K-9 I had to google and troubleshoot it after losing an email :frowning:

Hi @Ray and welcome here!

I think you can be reasonably sure that the message was really sent. This is based on the assumptions that you can’t find it in some outbox.

No, there is no way of getting hold of that email unless the recipient forwards it to you.

Yes, I consider it a K-9 bug that “Sent” can be mapped to “None” WITHOUT ANY KIND OF WARNING to the user.