Sent mails from App doesn't reach the destination

Hi there,
My sent mails from App doesn’t reach the destination email address. Any reason why?
I’ve followed proper server instructions during setting up email account on the app. E.g. IMAP SSL/TSL Port etc.

Please help or advice what am I doing wrong ?

Sadly, with the few information you have provided no answer is possible.

K-9 version? Make and type of phone? OS version? Provider? Mail format?

Have you checked whether your domain is blacklisted on the receiver’s side? → Check If Your Email Domain Is Blacklisted: What to Do Next

Latest Version downloaded 2-3 days ago. 6.000. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Andriod. The mail works fine on Thunderbird on my Macbook using the same configuration provided by hostgator my hosting company for my domain. But only receiving works and sent mails I’m not sure where are they going ? They are showing up as sent in sent items in my app but they are not reaching the recipient. Please advice. Thanks.


yes, this is a know issue with K9 and Hostgator. Your email provider does accept the mail but for some reason does not send it further. This is an issue from Hostgator’s side as it should reject the mail instead of accepting and silently do not deliver it.

If you search the forum for “hostgator” you will find some threads on the same issue, and you will learn the reason for this missbehavior from Hostgator, eg.

At the moment K9 developer does not seem to want to implement a workaround for mail service providers like hostgator.