Search for keys directly in K9Mail

Hello K9Mail-developers!

I’m writing a bachelor thesis about WKD and how to increase its usage(more information). That’s the reason why I want to make it easier for users to use WKD to retrieve keys.

I know that K9Mail uses keys from OpenKeyChain to encrypt emails. My question is: Would it be possible to start the retrieving of keys directly in K9Mail? Does OpenKeyChain offer this possibility?
Right now users write an email, then maybe they see that a key is missing and have to open OpenKeyChain to retrieve the key there. For me on /e/ OS (based on Android, propably the same case on “normal” Android) it means to open the Settings, go to “Security & Privacy” and open OpenKeyChain from there. After that I can search for the key.
It would be much easier, if users could start the “key search”-function of OpenKeyChain in the UI of K9Mail. But, I’m not sure, if that is possible.

Kind regards,