Search bar displayed at first launch

after the last update, 6.305, at the first launch, by default the search bar is displayed with the keyboard to perform this search.
Is it possible to disable this function ?
Thanks for your help

That should not happen. If it does, it’s a bug. What Android version are you using?

i’m using Android 11
MIUI 12.5.1
K9 mail 6.305
I test after restart smartphone, clear cache …same problem

How do you launch the app? From the notification, the widget, the app icon, the “recent apps” screen?

Once smartphone restarted, i use the icon app on desktop to launch K9 mail
Then the search bar appears and I have to click on the cross at the top right to return to the mail display (unified boxes).

@plegrand1: Can you please test if the linked APK fixes the issue: Release SearchView Fix Attempt 1 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

I don’t know much about using apk.
How do I proceed?
Will it change my installation?
Future updates via fdroid?

Did you install the app via F-Droid or Google Play?

I install K9 Mail via F-Droid

In that case you won’t be able to install k9mail-release.apk on top of your K-9 Mail installation.

Please download and install k9mail-debug.apk. It will install a separate version of K-9 Mail (the icon uses purple instead of pink). You can set up a demo account by entering demo@k9mail.example as the email address during account setup. Please check if that version fixes the problem. You can uninstall it afterwards. Nothing you do in this app will affect your existing K-9 Mail installation.

Hello, i installed k9mail-debug.apk and it seems to work fine.
I followed your instructions:
download and install k9mail-debug.apk.
set up a demo account by entering demo@k9mail.example as the email address during account setup
It seems to work fine.
I’ve got directly the unified boxes and not the search bar

Thanks. We will include that fix in the next beta version.

Many thanks for your help