Pulling down shared inbox does not sync any account

as stated above.
Any ideas?


What K-9 Mail version are you using?
Does checking individual accounts lead to the desired results?

actual version 5.517
checking all accounts manually does work. but with 15 accounts+ you cant do this each time individually. it is so “whaaat?” :scream: :wink:

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to suggest that you check all accounts individually as a workaround. I asked because the answer to that question can narrow down what could be causing the behavior you’re seeing.

Since checking individual accounts does work I don’t see why using pull-to-refresh in the Unified Inbox shouldn’t work :frowning:

Just to make sure I’m looking in the right place: You’re opening the Unified Inbox, and in the message list you swipe down to refresh?

How do you determine it isn’t working? Are you sending a new message to one of your accounts and that message is not downloaded when you sync the Unified Inbox?